The surging popularity of Wi-Fi networks has resulted in major changes in enterprises and homes alike, leaving user sites of all types and sizes scrambling in an attempt to resolve the consequent issues of security, quality of service, and productivity.

To address these issues associated with the rapid expansion of WLAN usage, WiBorne has come up with a series of wireless appliances:

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Either deployed individually or as part of a larger solution, these devices render reliable and efficient functions that add value to the wireless services provided to both the enterprise users and public access users.

Enterprise Wireless Switch
Wireless Hotspot Gateway


To enable the next generation of connectivity to proceed, WiBorne proudly presents a wireless system that achieves high bandwidth at very long distances and reasonably price.

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This includes multi-polarized/plane/path of antennas, wireless access points, and hotspot gateways that support large number of concurrent users securely. Distance tested up to 25 kilometer (km) for point-to-multipoint links, or 70 km for point-to-point links, with obstruction penetrating and extended range of 2.4 GHz to 5.8GHz.

WiBorne offers consultation, installation, and customization of hardware / software for your projects. We have world class of consultation groups firmed by Wireless ISP (WISP), hardware vendors, and software development teams which can deploy long range wireless systems in challenging environments.

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