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Wildband WiMAX/3G/WiFi Mobile Antennas - WiFi and WiMAX Long Range Antennas, Wideband Mobile Antennas,OA-3702,OA-1204 for WiMAX Mobile solutions.

WiBorne 3.0 Bolsters Revolutionary Technology for WLAN Appliances - AWG, HSG, and W3G for best ROI and protection of your wired / wireless infrastructure.

Superior performance 802.11a carrier class of base radio and CPEs. Model WAP-500 / CAP-5000 series. Up to 108 Mbps or 145 miles of range.

Base-Station-In-One-Box Package for 250 users, Model OAB-20024. This includes high power radio, antenna, and access controller for 250 users

WiBorne WAP-2450 is a high performance dual radio & dual standard wireless bridge / AP / WDS mesh node system that, having two independent radios inside, provides high capacity, high-speed point-to-point links and point-to-multipoint coverage.

WiBorne CAP-2409/2416 are 2.4GHz 802.11b/g compatible multi-client / bridge / access point / route / WDS. Integrated in to 9dBi or 16 dBi antennas delivering superior RF power for cost effective solution. WiBorne's 802.11 standard RFID Readers enabled.

Extending WiMAX technology with your existing WiFi deployment? WiBorne announces carrier-class of WiFi radios AP, WAP-750, that is backward compatible with WiMAX for cell –through-base-stations.

Long Range Outdoor Wireless Access Point WAP-400 is specially designed for point-to-multipoint applications to provide an easy solution for connecting many locations through wireless.

WiBorne outdoor mesh AP router, WAP-192M, is a cost effective and simplicity device that supports wireless mobile with multiple points of connection seamlessly.  It can bypass obstacles with different signals for 802.11 b/g.

Portable CPE Devices offer your nomadic broadband services that require small portable CPE devices and broad ubiquitous coverage area.

Base-Station-In-One-Box provides you instant deployment for large area of Hotspot or public HotZone up to couple of miles!

WiBorne's Enterprise Wireless Switch , AWG-1000, creates a virtual overlay network on top of an existing wired infrastructure. It offers benefits such as simplified network deployment, integrated security, increased scalability, and eased management.
AWG-1000 offers you: Access Control, RF management, Firewalls, Scalability, Guest Access, Remote Support, Network Planning, and Support of VoIP .







· Outdoor 4G/LTE WiFi Router
· EtherMux 8/16 E1/T1/Optical Multiplexers
· EtherMux VoIP 8/16 E1/T1 Multiplexers
· W4G-200G 4G LTE Mobile Router
· EtherMux VoIP 2/4E1 Multiplexer
· CAP-5015D with Athero AR9342 platform
· WAP-991: Ceiling / Wall plug 802.11ac/bgn Radio
· WAP-520AC: High Power Outdoor 802.11ac Radio
· High Power Outdoor 802.11ac Integrated CPE
· New WAP/CAP Setup Guide
· High Power Outdoor 5.9-6.45GHz MIMO Radio
· 24 Ports PoE Managed Switches: MS-526PF
· Hotspot Controller HSG-500 for Low Cost Radio
· High Power Outdoor 3.3-3.8GHz MIMO Radio
· High Power Outdoor 5GHz MIMO Integrated CPE
· WAP-520N: High Power Outdoor MIMO Radio
· Low Cost 5GHz with Metal Enclosure: CAP-5015D
· 24 Ports Smart Green Switches: MS Series
· In-Wall High Power AP with Ceiling Mount
· Facebook for WiBorne / Latin
· High Power 802.11 a/b/g/n USB Adapter
· WAP-100: Industrial indoor 802.11b/g/n AP
· HSG-100: 802.11b/g/n hotspot controller
· More International Sales Channels
· Introduction 6.4-7.1GHz SDH Digial Radio
· WiBorne W3G Applications with WAP Models
· Remote Surveillance over 3G
· WAP-520 with 802.11n MIMO and 3G Technology
· ZigBee-100 Expension for Integration
· Low Cost CPE Devices: CAP-2410D
· HSUPA / Voice 3.75G Modem Router II
Nov. 3, 08
WiMAX Unlicensed 5 GHz 16d Solutions
Sept. 20, 08
Success Story: Ortigas City - Testbed with Mesh Deployment
Aug. 30, 08
Publish: WiMAX 16d / OFDM 5.8GHz and E1 Mux
Jul. 4, 08
Success Story: 5GHz Deployment for Guatemala City
Jun. 20, 08
News: WiBorne Australia Launched
Apr. 28, 08
News: Q-Track/WiBorne for Miner Tracking
Mar. 12, 08
2.7-2.9GHz Licensed Bands P2MP Deployment
Feb. 29, 08
Introduction of ZigBee Pro: Unlimited Applications
Jan. 21, 08
Press Release: Award Contracts for 3G/WiMAX Roaming
Dec. 8, 07
Success Story: Remote Video Surveillance over 3G for Security Monitoring, South Africa
Nov. 20, 07
WhitePaper: Mobile Metro Railroad Area Networks
Oct. 07, 07
Mesh Deployment by Using WAP
Aug. 30, 07
WiFi Service for Queen Street, NZ - Mesh Design
July 19, 07
Gandhinagar India - Success Demo Story
Come see WiBorne at Computex/Taipei 2007, Hall 1 C1027.
May. 16, 07
FMC Mine WiFi/RFID Phase I succeeded, proceeding to Phase II
Apr. 12, 07
Success Story: WiFi E-Classes for Campus
Mar. 26, 07
Product Release: Wireless 3G Mobile Router for Public Safety / Broadcast
Jan. 10, 07
Press Release: Award Contracts for 3G Wireless Routers
Dec. 20, 06
Success Story: WiFi to Extend Satellite Dish
Nov. 20, 06
Success Story: WiFi Video for Trains, NZ
Oct. 26, 06
IPv6 Workshop: IPv6 to Secure Wireless Sensor
Oct. 13, 06
Press: Chinese Coal Mine Safety HPU Partnership
Oct. 9, 06
Success Story: Waikato Home & Garden Show, NZ
Sept 24, 06
Success Story: Dominion Country Golf Club, Texas
Aug 9, 06
Proposal for Wireless Products
Computex 2006
Come see WiBorne at Taipei, Taiwan.
June 1, 06
Success Demonstration for FMC Mining   
May 10, 06
WiBorne announces Wireless Active RFID   W-RFID_Press_Release.pdf
CeBIT 2006
Come see WiBorne at Hannover, Germany.
Feb. 28, 06
"Success Story:  WiFi Pleasant Hill, Missouri"OldTown_Success_Story.pdf
Feb. 14, 06
WiBorne eyes its WiFi systems to accept RFID Technology
Oct. 13, 05
Wiborne launches Short Range Wireless Products.

Oct. 10, 05

Success Story: WiFi Bandera County, Texas

Sept. 12, 05

Help Hurricane Katrina
How to assist in Hurricane Katrina's recovery efforts:

July 20, 05

WiBorne consults with WISP to deploy large scale long-range 802.11 services worldwide: Brazil , India , New Zealand, Philippine, Taiwan , and USA.
June 20, 05
Newly release of Wireless Hotspot Gateway supports VoIP authentication and seamless roaming capabilities for WiFi phone vendors
May 31, 05
WiBorne pushes new long range WISP products at Computex 2005
May 5, 05
WiBorne opens office and organizes a development center at Taipei , Taiwan . Taiwan is one of the most important computer hardware centers in Asia and many of the world's largest system integrators have component centers located there.






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