Client (CPE) Devices

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CAP-5015D    CAP-5024/CAP-5020    CAP-5024N/CAP-520N   

WiBorne’s wireless CPE devices make perfect endpoints to any high performance network. By combining radio and antenna components in one compact stylish and easy-to-install unit, installation times and cost for network operators are dramatically reduced. The state-of-the-art components ensure robust, reliable service for years.

WiBorne’s CPEs provide low-cost solution that offers long-range fixed-wireless connectivity to the backhaul network.  It’s fully integrated with our network management system resides on backhaul.  This allows you to centralized manage all associated CPEs.  We offer wide range of integrated antennas from 19 dBi to 9 dBi for residences, businesses, and other buildings that require high-speed broadband Internet access as well as low-latency, real-time applications such as VoIP.

WiBorne's CAP series offers frequency ranged 700 / 900MHz, 2.3-2.5, 2.55-2.6, 2.7-2.9, 3.4-3.7, 3.65, and 4.9-6.1GHz for AP / Clients / AP Clients / Bridge / Router / WDS. This is completely integrated in to patch antenna delivering superior radio performance as a carrier CPE. It's fully integrated with Wiborne's Network Manage Systems that allow you to centralize manage all CAP series of CPEs.

  • Integrated radio and antenna design makes installation a breeze. Minimizing installation time and cost allows network managers to focus on critical business.
  • State-of-the-art radio components offer superior transmission and reception. Radio components deliver ultimate performance. No matter the network configuration, these devices reliably deliver data with fewer transmission errors.
  • Reliable, robust wireless antenna maintaining solid network connections. Consistent antenna performance ensures solid, robust network connections over even the longest distances.
  • Durable, stylish radome design offers years of unobtrusive, weather-resistant service. The unique clamshell design keeps moisture out and minimizes condensation damage, while maintaining a building's aesthetics.
  • Multi-mount hardware offers easy installation and antenna aiming. Exclusive mounting hardware offers up to +/-10 degrees elevation angle adjustment.
  • 802.11n MIMO radio with dual polarity 5GHz 23dBi integrated antenna. Designed for high quality 802.11n service.
  • Infrastructure mode allows you to use the as a client to an Access Point.  Operation modes include: universal repeater mode (one WLAN interface used as AP and client concurrently), AP Client (Station, or WLAN Bridge), WDS ( Wireless Repeater; P-to-P, P-to-MP Bridge), Wireless Router, AP Client with Routing function (WISP Mode).
  • Secure your wireless and wired infrastructure with: 64/128Bit WEP, WPA (TKIP), WPA2 (AES or Mixed), 802.1x / RADIUS client, and MAC Access Control. Firewall (Port / IP / MAC filtering, Port forwarding, MAC filter, DMZ). IPSec VPN and NAT Traversal with Pre-Shared Key between nodes
  • 802.11e QoS (WMM) for voice, video, and gaming Priority.
  • Extreme range for 80 kilometers / 50 miles or more - depends on radio, antenna gain, and terrain.
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