WiBorne’s short-range wireless advisory services are based on many years of research carried out into markets such as Wireless LAN, WiFi Active RFID and other short-range wireless technologies. Our products build upon the expertise and experience of WiBorne analysts and consultants, strong relationships with key market players and dedicated research resources. 

Some examples of short range wireless deployment that we are involving:

  • Development of a short-range wireless public access with cost effective networking solutions
  • Consultancy in technology selection & detailed system design for a very low cost wireless controller in a maritime environment
  • Public access Wireless LAN and cellular internetworking software & hardware development
  • Threat Analysis and Security architecture development
  • Development of WiFi software & hardware for wireless personal-area networking (WPAN)

We have introduced a series of cost effective products that broadcast wireless service for distance with few hundred meters to few kilometers.  It is suitable for medium to large venues who wants to make the wireless network available in all areas. It also supports multiple venues and/or more complex application requirements, such as residential community, entire hotel, university campus, tourist attractions, harbor, or airport

To enable the next generation of connectivity to proceed, WiBorne proudly presents a wireless system that achieves high bandwidth at very long distances and reasonably price.

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Base Station In One Box

The Base-Station-In-One-Box package, includes all the network equipments needed to install a wireless Hotspot / HotZone as well as end-user billing capabilities.  Each wireless client has it’s own VPN tunnel to base station, while authenticated by local or remote authenticators.


One to Quad Radio Base Station


Our WAP series for backhaul or base station is carrier-class, fully scalable to support high capacity networks for high-density deployment. Designed for point-to-point as backhaul or point-to-multipoint applications, WAP series offers non-line-of-sight (NLOS) coverage, utilizing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) and adaptive modulation techniques.


Dual to Quad Radio Mesh Node

WAP-2450 is dual or quad band Atheros AR5414 radio with one radio upgradeable as WiMAX Client. It has advanced mesh capability with auto-network (self-healing) configuration feature, AP to AP handover capability, multi country global roaming (IEEE 802.11d), OSLR Dynamic Mesh Protocol, and Standard IEEE 802.11s Mesh Protocol. 

If one network segment becomes unreachable or costs changed, this algorithm reconfigures the spanning-tree topology and reestablishes the link by activating the standby path. This implementation immediately solved the broadcast flooding that plagued your redundant network.

WAP-2450 has optional features available for Real-time Location Based Services and Video Streaming, Video on Demand Protocols

Wireless Outdoor AP/Bridge/Mesh Nodes



Portable CPE Devices

Besides regular or hi-power PCMCIA and built-in 802.11 a/b/g wireless cards, we offer small size of all-in-one CPE devices that act as AP, AP client, Bridge, Repeater, and Mesh / WDS.

802.11 a/b/g/n high power USB Dongles that can reach up to 2 miles or 3 kilometers.


Additional WiBorne integrated CPE devices give service providers a full range of products that delivers a feature-rich and scalable interface between subscribers and the backbone network.  Please contact  sales@wiborne.com.




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