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WiBorne has designed and developed Wi-Fi Citywide projects worldwide during past years, and are realising the benefits of Wi-Fi based location services and innovative Wi-Fi network planning and optimisation tools for Public Wireless LAN (P-WLAN).   While deploying long range wireless projects, we feel that asset tracking for large scale wireless deployment is demanded and an improvement of existing active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is required. With such background, both outdoor and indoor of active RFID technology based on ZigBee 802.15.4, 802.11, 868/915 MHz are introduced.
The majority of our applications will be designed for large organizations because Wi-Fi and RFID have already been deployed in the enterprise. Applications will eventually be developed with these technologies to target the consumer space. However, due to such large coverage areas, wireless MAN will require some mechanism to further refine location to provide effective services.

ZigBee-100, a 802.15.4 compliant RFID systm, can be applied for following applications: commercial buildings, infrastructure, meter reading, automotive, medical, RF remote controls, audio, emergency services, toys, gaming, price displays, VOIP headsets and door intercoms.

  • Compliant with IEEE802.15.4 & ZigBee Standard.
  • Low cost, low power, and good range. sleep mode for long life of battery.
  • Supports 250 to 1000 nodes as scalable sensor networks secured with 128-bits AES.
  • Range of 100 meters to 1 kilo meters, highly 97dB receive sensitivity.
  • Customized indoor/outdoor housing & antennas for your applications.
  • Tree, star, mesh protocols for multiple routes and recovery to avoid interference and node failures.
  • Interfaced with WiBorne’s 802.11 WAP / CAP and 3rd party devices with variety of interfaces and programmable stack API for variety of applications.

Download ZigBee Datasheet

LOC-1000, WiBorne’s asset location tracking system, is web based and can be applied for standard 802.15.4 ZigBee and 802.11 wireless broadcast with frequencies of long range 802.11.  For example,  facilities such on below figure such as  Asset Tracking, Automated Parking, Access Controls, Hospitals, Airport, Harbor, Communities, Commercial Facilities, Animals, Horse Riding, Mining, and Transit Stations. It applies to any 802.11 applications such as Data Logging, Surveillance, Emergency, Proprietary Tracking, Field Force Automation, Law Enforcement, Tracking Fleets, Couriers, and Construction.

WiBorne have piloted demonstration for long range RFID tracking with a trona mine of FMC Corp. at Green River, Wyoming.  We have integrated multiple frequencies of real-time location systems, 802.15.4 ZigBee, 802.11 2.4GHz  and UHF 915MHz, into a 5 miles of tunnel for broadcast of wireless and tracking of moving vehicles. Objective of our truly long range (1 mile) active RFID tag, with is installed into minors’ cap lamps or battery packs, providing Wi-Fi based location tracking. With this in place, the location of workers, as well as valuable mobile equipment, can be continually tracked and viewed in real-time from any web browser, to ensure safety and to improve operations.

Download W-RFID Overview     Download W-RFID Press Release    Download FMC Success Demo Story

Download LOC-1000 Datasheet


UHF-1000 offers UHF RFID systems for seeing the widest use in supply-chain and retail applications. The 900MHz EPC UHF RFIS is the best available frequency for distances of meters, effective around metals with range up to 10 meters. It is good with non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) communication, high identification rate, reasonably controlled read zone through antenna directionality. Applications includes Logistics (identification of trolleys, parcels, animals, boxes etc), road tolls, automated vehicle identification (AVI), sport timing, access control / ticketing, tracking goods in the global supply chain, pharmaceuticals, tracking of airline baggage, document, express parcel, library applications, and life sciences goods.

Download UHF-1000 datasheet

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