The surging popularity of Wi-Fi networks has resulted in major changes in enterprises and homes alike, leaving user sites of all types and sizes scrambling in an attempt to resolve the consequent issues of security, quality of service, and productivity. To address these issues associated with the rapid expansion of WLAN usage, WiBorne has come up with a series of wireless appliances:


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Hotspot Content Management
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IPv6 to Secure Wireless Sensor - 2004,  2006
WiMAX 16d / OFDM 5.8GHz and E1 Mux


  • Enterprise Deployment with complete coverage of network management systems (NMS)
  • Role-Based Access Control and Policy Enforcement
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)
  • Universal WLAN Authentication
  • Security and QoS for VoIP
  • Full firewall, VLAN, 802.1x, IPSec and SSL VPN with free client software
  • Remote administration and reconfiguring for  associated APs / CPEs
  • CARP failover and IAPP/hostapd roaming
  • Trunk network interface aggregation
  • Advanced Routing BGP, OSPF, RIP/RIP2
  • 3G routing interface with major PCMCIA radio cards
  • SIP servers / telephony interface with Siproxd and Asterisk
  • Millions of transaction records from database for accounting, firewall logs, alerts, and monitoring
  • Base Station with Onboard high power radio: 900MHz, 802.11, 3G, 3.5GHZ, 4.9GHz, and WiMAX
  • Auditing systems for client session, OS fingerprints, IP & Bandwidth monitoring, and server logs



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